Adult Strength & Conditioning @ The Facility

AS Adults We Sit More, Stop Playing Sports And Our Fitness Goes Out The Window… But Not Anymore.

Our S&C Classes Are Designed Make To Get You Back That Feeling & Get You Leaner, Stronger And Feeling Like The Athlete You Are!

  • Monday: 5:30a & 5:30p

    • Lower Body Push + Core/Conditioning

  • Wednesday: 5:30a & 5:30p

    • Lower Body Pull + Speed/Agility

  • Friday: 5:30a & 5:30p

    • Upper Body Push + Speed/Agility


M3 Applied Athletics Youth Training

Our Program Is More Than Just Training. With A Competitive Community, State of The Art Training & Technology, And Elite Mindset Coaching Your Young Athlete Will Have The Team They Need To Reach Their Full Potential.

  • Monday 7p

    • Lower Body Push + Acceleration

  • Tuesday 7p:

    • Upper Body Push + Deceleration

  • Wednesday 7p:

    • Lower Body Pull + Change of Direction

  • Thursday 7p:

    • Upper Body Push + Acceleration


In 2 Months My Body Has Changed From Fat To Muscle With Grit & Grace!’— Member

“My son trains at this facility and absolutely enjoys it. He is challenged to push himself further. In just a very short period of time you could see and he could feel the benefits gained.” - Parent

“A Sound Mind In A Healthy Body” - Greek Proverb