Train Hard. Recover Harder.

In order to train like an athlete, you have to recover like one.

The human body functions at a lower capacity and peak performance drops when we refuse to give it what it needs to recover.

Improve your overall health and guarantee your body is performing at it’s best.

Integrated Therapy & Recovery

Recover From Injury. Improve Your Performance. Cultivate a Balanced Lifestyle.

Create and implement a therapy program with our licensed Chinese Medicine Practitioner custom made for your needs.


  • Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Treatment

  • Stretch & A.R.T. Active Release Therapy

  • Cupping & Muscle Scraping Technique

  • Cold Laser & Compression Therapy


MTCM Shedna’ Kimble


Shedna’, from Greensboro, North Carolina, was introduced to holistic healthcare in 2013 when she began her fitness journey while stationed overseas in Yokosuka, Japan. Massage therapy, acupuncture and nutrition were her saving graces for maintenance and restoration while preparing for competitions. Over the years, she became fascinated with human body function and peak performance for those ranging from beginner to high-level athletes. Shedna’ is a natural competitor in both bodybuilding and powerlifting. She has the ability and passion to cultivate a more active and balanced lifestyle to clients by providing stretch therapy and soft tissue work to help improve mobility, optimize performance, and prevent injury. A proud U.S. Navy veteran, Shedna’ studies Acupuncture and Chinese medicine at The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California.


“Shedna’ does an amazing job at reading your body and assessing exactly what you need!”

“Being a coach I do more work on other people than I do on myself, Shedna’ does an amazing job at reading your body and assessing exactly what you need! After months of just dealing with it my body feels better than it has in years.”

— The Facility Owner, Coach Dom

“I love her versatility and blend of different therapy methods, to give your body personalized treatment.”

“I love her versatility and blend of different therapy methods to give your body a personalized treatment. As a competitive powerlifter I am under intense training and Shedna’ understood exactly what by body needed to make sure I was at my peak performance for my last meet”

— Alexis Manning, Elite Powerlifter