Elite Mindset Coaching by Coach Andre Bosier

Establish High Standards - Cultivate Elite Leaders

Our mission is to help Athletes, Coaches, and Teams attain a winning culture through strict adherence to high standards and forge an elite mindset while competing as a top tier unit. 

Coach Andre Bosier


Standard Elite Training

We provide your athletes, coaches, and teams with an opportunity to exercise their leadership abilities in an environment that promotes exponential growth.  Ultimately, refining your teams mindset and focus towards desired goals.

Player Development

  • Mental Toughness

  • Realistic Goal Setting

  • Create High Standards

  • Leadership Development

  • Communication Techniques

  • Accountability & Selflessness 

A native of Texas, Andre Bosier participated in basketball, football, baseball, martial arts, and track. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he honorably served 22 years as an elite member of several Special Operation units.
His profound ability to lead teams and serve as an asset to mission planning, Andre was hand selected to serve as a member of Detachment One and plank owner of Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). With over 80 missions accomplished, Andre fostered impeccable leadership and cohesiveness in every team. His continuing actions after retirement from active duty, involves endless development of elite leaders and indestructible teams, while cultivating a warrior mindset in daily endeavors. Andre believes success begins with adherence to high standards and full accountability of those established standards. Andre’s leadership philosophy proved applicable at Division-1 schools such as Texas AM, Nebraska, Indiana, Miami, Tennessee, and UC Riverside. Athletes and coaches have benefited from Andre’s powerful presence and some are currently competing and coaching at the professional level.



The Single Most Inspirational Leader I’ve Ever Worked Along With!

In my professional opinion, the most respectable and admirable qualities of this former 22 year United States Marine Corps Special Operator is his patriotism, servant-leadership style, environmental adaptability, and human connectivity. Andre, without a doubt in my mind, is the single most inspirational leader that I have ever worked along-side in my 23 years of college athletics.

Matt Jennings, Head Strength Coach, Xavier University

He Recognizes A Player’s Needs To Push Themselves Just That Much Further.

By virtue of Andre being in the Marine Special Operations for 22 years makes him an automatic role model. However, if I did not know of his past, I would recognize him as someone I would want our twenty young women softball players to emulate. Andre’s instincts for recognizing what an individual player needs to make them push themselves just that much further is something I’ve never seen individual do before. Being around our team for just a few hours he was able to determine who our team leaders were, and he was right on.

Joy Jackson, Associate Head Softball Coach, Texas A&M University

A Conscientious Professional Exemplifying Notable Character & Integrity.

Andre is a conscientious professional exemplifying notable character and integrity. He recognizes and appreciates the significance of preparation, hard work, and cohesiveness.

Anthony Grant, Head Basketball Coach, University of Dayton



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