You Want Abs? Train Like A Sprinter.


So Why Teach Sprinter Training?

Legs muscular, back strong, core tight… this is the ideal body for most and it’s no mistake that this represents the look of every sprinters body. They are crafted for functional strength & efficient movement but what do they’re workouts look like?

Well… It’s not an hour of HIIT.

A 1 Hour Session Can Burn Up To 1000kcal

Yup… you’ve seen it before. So why do athletes look so different then your average bootcamp class goer?

Being a good sprinter has less to do with cardio and more to do with building the large muscle groups that are performing the task and the smaller ones that support it.

Underneath Every Good Sprinter Is A Pair Of Good Legs.

Most adults spend a lot of time sitting down, whether it be driving or working and this has blessed america with the gift of butt injections instead of fixing the problem.

Lazy Glute Syndrome. It’s Real.

Because of the excessive sitting we stretch the muscles constantly, which turns off the glutes while tightening the hip flexors. Result. Bad movement more back problems and knee injuries than anyone needs.

A strong butt stabilizes your hips which is typically these injury’s come from and building a good set of legs is a sure way to relieve unnecessary pressure from your back and knees that most “i’m over 40” ailment that you or your friend might have.

Want Abs? Focus On Legs 2-3 Times A Week .

Ok. So how do legs have to do abs? Your core has to be engaged to stay safe when squatting or deadlifting. Learning this type of internal core strength not only builds a nice set of abs up front, but gives you relief from that low back ache by using the entire core to stabilize.

Explosive Movement. Maximum Intensity.

Sprinters have to move fast, theres no question about that!

Moving with such high intensity requires high amounts of energy, energy that burns carbs faster than gas in a Ferrari. These athletes train explosive movements like olympic lifts, plyometrics and sleds to enhance their sprinting ability and the bi-product? The lean six-pack and leg definition we all want and you can do it too!

It’s Time You Train Like A Sprinter!

Training the way high level athletes do doesn’t mean throwing around heavy weight, it means training in a practical way that even children can apply.

The workouts will be challenging but having healthy knees, a strong abs and some confidence to match is a pretty damn good reward. What are you waiting for?