How to maximize your ability to lose body fat.

I hear this story time & time again “Ive been dieting for months & I can’t seem to lose weight” or “this is how I lost all my weight in the past, why isn’t it working this time?”

If this is you, you either fit in one of ✌🏾camps. 

  1. Under Reporter: These people don’t really know how much food they’re eating & under report the amount of calories they consume. These people forget to count extra cals from oils, dressings, sugary drinks, alcohol, etc.

  2. Longterm Dieter: These people are typically my athletes who compete in weight class sports or anyone who has done a major weight cut. They continually  💩on their metabolism from under eating creating a metabolic adaption to low calories. This is called metabolic damage. 

If you’re in camp #2 I’m talking to you today!

You must improve your metabolic capacity before trying to lose weight!

Please understand your body will start having trouble getting lean when we have destroyed your metabolism.

How can you cut calories from your diet if you are maintaining weight at 1,000-1,300 cals? This is a horrible position to be in if weight loss is the goal! 

Typically hard dieting (> 10% BW loss per week) for more than 12 weeks is when we see major down regulation of metabolic functioning. 

Basically your body compensates for the low calories by slowing body functions such as eye blink time to save energy/calories.

What?! Yes! that’s how important fueling your body is, even your eye blink uses energy! 

So you’re metabolically damaged, what now? 

  1. Slowly & deliberately increase calories (each week). 

  2. Add in HIIT cardio vs. steady state to increase caloric expenditure. 

  3. Have enough energy (calories) available for your body to heal & recover. Energy availability is everything!

If your nutrition coach doesn’t have you reverse diet after a weight cut you should probably get yourself a new coach! 🤗 

Improving metabolic capacity before a cut will result in more body fat loss. Don’t be like me on & off dieting for years before realizing the damage that I was doing to my body. 

Your metabolism must heal. Get your body to a place where it can maintain weight at the highest amount of calories possible then consider cutting weight from there. 

Written by: Alexis Manning, MA.

AFPA Certified Master Nutritionist & Holistic Practitioner

Dominique Manning