What’s Lights Your Flame?

Why? Its the question you’ve been asking since you could talk. 

Its what allows us to push through mental and physical barriers.

Its what motivates us to go when everything around us is saying stop.

So why do we choose to be disciplined with eating & training? 

Is it about trying to live up to instagram expectations...

Is it because we hate or because we love ourselves... 


Our reason behind doing what we do isn’t about meeting unrealistic expectations or

restricting your body until you “love” it.   


Our “Why” is about educating you about how your body works and how to give it the love that it needs in the three essential areas for health & performance. 


Your mental, emotional and physical state are not independent of each other.

They all pour into each other providing energy or taking it away. 

At the end of the day the reason why we do what we do is not about physique or praise from our instagram fans, but about developing habits of discipline that improve all other areas of life. 


What’s your why?