5 Easy Meal Prep Hacks For Busy Humans

Meal prep doesn’t have to be sexy. 

You don’t need a 3 hour kitchen cook off with matching tupperware to meal prep effectively. Not that I’m against that, I’ve done it years…but everything ain’t for everybody! 

Someone who has a busy schedule, doesn’t like to track their macros or weigh their food could be considered a messy situation, not anymore! For everyone who “doesn't have time to meal prep” I’m legit giving you a solution, keep reading!

5 Easy Meal Prep Hacks For Busy Humans:

#1: Get a meal prep service for LUNCH. Order 5 meals a week & have them delivered to your job. Usually meal prep services cost (per meal/serving) between $6-12 a meal. 

Not bad, that’s a weekly investment of $30-60, are you worth that?  

#2: Buy precooked meats & veggies at your local health store.  Sprouts & Frasier Farms, Whole Foods are my top choices for healthy, prepped foods. You don’t even have to weigh or measure. Everything is priced by the ounce, guess work eliminated. *Be sure to check the ingredients for oils that may be used on the non-grilled items.

Here is a list of food options you can find in any local health store:


Shredded chicken, Shredded beef, Turkey Breast, Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Salmon, Meat Balls , Meat Loaf , Turkey Carnitas, Baked BBQ Chicken , Baked Wings 


Baked Potato, Alfredo Pasta, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes , Rice (jasmine, wild, brown) 


Vegetable Medley, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Squash, Grilled Brussels, Salad Bar (all the leafy options) 

Have 3 base BREAKFAST choices. Rotate each meal throughout the week, spice it up on the weekends! 

My go-to Breakfast Options:

3 Whole Eggs + Lean Beef + 2 Pieces of Toast

1 Cup Egg Whites + 2 Slices Bacon + 1/2 Cup Quick Oats 

25g Whey + Quick Oats + PB 

#4: Try & COOK at least 1 meal a day. There is something so rewarding about making a meal for yourself. I try & make a fresh dinner as often as possible. 

Don’t sleep on your SNACK game. Always prioritize protein, then check your macros to see what other areas you need to fill (eg. fats & carbs). 

My go-to Snack Choices:
Beef/Turkey Jerky

Light String Cheese 

Greek Yogurt (single serve cup) 

Protein Bars 

Kodiak Cakes Instant Protein Muffin 

SIDE BAR: I always carry 2 types of bars for 2 different purposes:  High PROTEIN bars (balanced snack option, focus on protein). High CARBOHYDRATE (help fuel⛽️ my workouts, prioritize high GI carbs)

My go-to Bar Options:

Cliff Bar + Lenny & Larry’s Protein Cookies (High Carb) 

Think Thin & Rx Bars  (High Protein)

These are some easy ways to get out of prepping every meal! I know that life isn’t for everyone so make it easier for yourself! Focus on balanced meals with protein being the main course, work in veggies, and dense carbohydrates as sides. Hope you guys enjoyed these tips! 

Written by: Alexis Manning, MA.

AFPA Certified Master Nutritionist & Holistic Practitioner

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