3 Simple Ways To Increase Speed

1. Standing Arm Drives 4 Rounds
3-4 Rounds x 10s On 10s Off

This is one of the best ways to improve arm swing to create “spillover” speed to to the legs.

  • Start in athletic position with feet just outside hip width apart. Bend at the hips and the knees finding pressure in the heel, big toe, pinky toe (Think Tri-Pod)  
  • Shoulders should be hanging equal to or slightly over toes with the core tight & back tight. (Shoulders Squeezed, Tuck Tail)
  • Split hands with intent: Long, Strong Backswing, Tight Upswing (Stable Upper Body)
  • Switch hands on command, 1s & 2s then progress into a “Sprint”  for 5-10s “Jogging” pace for 10s

2. Single Leg Hops
2-4 Sets x 20-30yds

This is a good way to start incorporating a faster arm swing for faster feet!

  • Start with the “R” knee up, lean forward and begin to hop on 1 leg.
  • Focus on quickly exchanging hands and punching through the ground with the “L” foot
  • Drive the “R” knee up and toes towards the noes, quickly cycling through each hop.

3. Wall Posting
2-4 Sets x 5-8 per leg

Use this technique for a stronger arm drive and body position!

  • Start in a 2-Point Stance, feet 1 shoe length apart and the dominant leg back; Plant the ball of the back foot and front half of the front foot firmly in the ground.
  • Bend the knees and drop the shoulders equal to or just over the toes, maintain tight core & tight back. (Think Table Top)
  • Punch through the ground off the front foot by extending the leg straight; Drive the knee from the back leg towards the wall, pointing toes to noes. (Squeeze Butt, Tight Core)
  • Launch into the wall with intent! Strong leg drive, strong knee drive.


4. Go Sprint
2-4 Sets x 20-40yd 

Put Your New Technique To Use!