Holiday Guide: How to Party With Your Goals in Mind

Holiday season is right around the corner, so we want to prepare you to tackle eating at parties without feeling left out. Most people say “everything in moderation” but that’s a little to general. What we know about goal reaching is that we have to PLAN.

Today thats exactly what we’re going to do, give you plan so you can stick to your meal plan and continue to make progress.

10 Quick Tips & Tricks

  1. 🍲BUDGET wisely: Don’t be too hasty to fill your plate. Choose wisely, overview all the food options and then chose things that are yummy but packed with protein. Categorize your options into protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
  2. 🍗2/3 RULE: Fill two-thirds of your plate with lean protein sources and veggies, then leave 1/3 for fun stuff like mashed potatoes or mac n cheese.
  3. 👀SMALL plate portion control: At a buffet style dinner we tend to want to fill our entire plate. If you’re having a hard time controlling your portion sizes use a side plate! Its much smaller and you are guaranteed to stay within your allotted macronutrients.
  4. 🚫Take a BREAK:Give yourself 15-25 minutes before going back for seconds. The food will be there so don’t fret!
  5. 🚦DISTANCE is key: You finished your meal, but find yourself snacking. Distance yourself from the food table, take your party elsewhere and hit the dance floor to burn a few extra calories.
  6. 🥂Feeling TIPSY: Avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. Alcohol increases appetite and lowers your ability to control your impulses. Grab veggies and seltzer water sip and eat a little in the middle of alcoholic beverages. SET A DRINK LIMIT! 2-3 drinks can range from100-200 cals per drink, keep this in mind!
  7. 🍽Bring a DISH: Everyone loves a gracious host. Bring a side specifically geared towards your goals. You don’t always know what will be at the party so bring a dish you can load up on that is also tasty!
  8. 💧Stay HYDRATED: If you plan on drinking at the party make sure you stay hydrated all day leading up to the party. Set a goal of 60-120 oz for the day. This is a great way to avoid hangovers as well!
  9. 🎯Remind yourself of your GOALS: Don’t be afraid to speak your goals out loud, you might challenge others around you to reach their goals too!
  10. 💃🕺Pay attention to what really MATTERS: Focus on family, friends, and the moment you get to share with people you love and care for. Balance and moderation also includes being in the moment.

It’s Possible To Hit Your Goals & Still Party Hardy! Give Yourself A Plan Of Attack & Get After It 😉 

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