Shut Up & Get To Work.

We’ve all done it...

Start. Stop & Start Again.  🚦

It’s like life life gives us endless interruptions, giving us every reason to put things on hold. 

Whether its sports, school or work getting in the zone takes time & requires avoiding interruptions.

Achieving REM sleep is a lot like accomplishing goals. We don’t just close our eyes and end up in that deep, sound, straight comatose type rest. No that’d just be too easy...  

First we lay there... then roll...and turn.

Then we finally get that pillow positioned between the legs just perfect. 🙌

Then the phone rings. 📱 The dog barks 🐶 or the baby starts crying.  🍼 

Just like getting into that deep, deep sleep we all love, any interruption towards our goals forces us to press the reset button. But once we’re... The magic happens. 

Most of us are most productive early in the mornings or late at night. Why is that?

Because we’re alone. 🙏  

Dedicate training to early mornings or late nights and stick to the plan.  

Grocery shop & meal prep on sundays so you can say “No” 🚫  to the office take-out. 

Set specific alone time each day and let go of communication intoxication  & get outside.

Remember if you don’t make time for your goals, no one else will. 🎯

Dominique ManningComment