Holiday Guide: How to Party With Your Goals in Mind

Holiday season is right around the corner, so we want to prepare you to tackle eating at parties without feeling left out. Most people say “everything in moderation” but that’s a little to general. What we know about goal reaching is that we have to PLAN.

Today thats exactly what we’re going to do, give you plan so you can stick to your meal plan and continue to make progress.

10 Quick Tips & Tricks

  1. 🍲BUDGET wisely: Don’t be too hasty to fill your plate. Choose wisely, overview all the food options and then chose things that are yummy but packed with protein. Categorize your options into protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
  2. 🍗2/3 RULE: Fill two-thirds of your plate with lean protein sources and veggies, then leave 1/3 for fun stuff like mashed potatoes or mac n cheese.
  3. 👀SMALL plate portion control: At a buffet style dinner we tend to want to fill our entire plate. If you’re having a hard time controlling your portion sizes use a side plate! Its much smaller and you are guaranteed to stay within your allotted macronutrients.
  4. 🚫Take a BREAK:Give yourself 15-25 minutes before going back for seconds. The food will be there so don’t fret!
  5. 🚦DISTANCE is key: You finished your meal, but find yourself snacking. Distance yourself from the food table, take your party elsewhere and hit the dance floor to burn a few extra calories.
  6. 🥂Feeling TIPSY: Avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. Alcohol increases appetite and lowers your ability to control your impulses. Grab veggies and seltzer water sip and eat a little in the middle of alcoholic beverages. SET A DRINK LIMIT! 2-3 drinks can range from100-200 cals per drink, keep this in mind!
  7. 🍽Bring a DISH: Everyone loves a gracious host. Bring a side specifically geared towards your goals. You don’t always know what will be at the party so bring a dish you can load up on that is also tasty!
  8. 💧Stay HYDRATED: If you plan on drinking at the party make sure you stay hydrated all day leading up to the party. Set a goal of 60-120 oz for the day. This is a great way to avoid hangovers as well!
  9. 🎯Remind yourself of your GOALS: Don’t be afraid to speak your goals out loud, you might challenge others around you to reach their goals too!
  10. 💃🕺Pay attention to what really MATTERS: Focus on family, friends, and the moment you get to share with people you love and care for. Balance and moderation also includes being in the moment.

It’s Possible To Hit Your Goals & Still Party Hardy! Give Yourself A Plan Of Attack & Get After It 😉 

Shut Up & Get To Work.

We’ve all done it...

Start. Stop & Start Again.  🚦

It’s like life life gives us endless interruptions, giving us every reason to put things on hold. 

Whether its sports, school or work getting in the zone takes time & requires avoiding interruptions.

Achieving REM sleep is a lot like accomplishing goals. We don’t just close our eyes and end up in that deep, sound, straight comatose type rest. No that’d just be too easy...  

First we lay there... then roll...and turn.

Then we finally get that pillow positioned between the legs just perfect. 🙌

Then the phone rings. 📱 The dog barks 🐶 or the baby starts crying.  🍼 

Just like getting into that deep, deep sleep we all love, any interruption towards our goals forces us to press the reset button. But once we’re... The magic happens. 

Most of us are most productive early in the mornings or late at night. Why is that?

Because we’re alone. 🙏  

Dedicate training to early mornings or late nights and stick to the plan.  

Grocery shop & meal prep on sundays so you can say “No” 🚫  to the office take-out. 

Set specific alone time each day and let go of communication intoxication  & get outside.

Remember if you don’t make time for your goals, no one else will. 🎯

The Summer Slim Down: 3 Simple Jump Start Fat Loss

Whether you’ve been stuck on a diet, exercise plan, or even if this is your first attempt at weight loss, these steps can bring success to your ultimate goal.

Try these 3 recommended tips to jump start into you weight loss!

  • No. 1 Get more sleep.

Sleep may directly influence weight and eating patterns by causing an increase in cravings while reducing the ability to feel full. For optimal results in your weight loss program, we recommend an average of 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

  • No. 2 Eat more vegetables.

Certain vegetables like kale, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts are high in fiber and can lead to a feeling of fullness. The tip here is to fill half of your plate with vegetables and eat more snacks that include this food group.

  • No. 3 Exercise.

Preform both strength and anaerobic training at least 3 times a week. Having a complex workout routine may help get past fitness plateaus and increase weight loss efficiency. Remember that achievements in your plan will not come over night but will require consistency and an overall lifestyle change!

Written by Bernardino Paz. May 8, 2018

Eating For Performance by Alexis Manning

Proper nutrition plays a vital role in athlete performance and development.

Nutrient density is a crucial component in increasing an athletes ability to work harder and longer.

Without proper fuel the body will not perform at its highest capability or recover properly.

The use of macronutrient timing, caloric balance, and supplementation will increase the athletes ability to handle strenuous training, while allowing them to develop a stronger and healthier body composition.

We believe in making our athletes better not just on the field but in the kitchen!




3 Simple Ways To Increase Speed

1. Standing Arm Drives 4 Rounds
3-4 Rounds x 10s On 10s Off

This is one of the best ways to improve arm swing to create “spillover” speed to to the legs.

  • Start in athletic position with feet just outside hip width apart. Bend at the hips and the knees finding pressure in the heel, big toe, pinky toe (Think Tri-Pod)  
  • Shoulders should be hanging equal to or slightly over toes with the core tight & back tight. (Shoulders Squeezed, Tuck Tail)
  • Split hands with intent: Long, Strong Backswing, Tight Upswing (Stable Upper Body)
  • Switch hands on command, 1s & 2s then progress into a “Sprint”  for 5-10s “Jogging” pace for 10s

2. Single Leg Hops
2-4 Sets x 20-30yds

This is a good way to start incorporating a faster arm swing for faster feet!

  • Start with the “R” knee up, lean forward and begin to hop on 1 leg.
  • Focus on quickly exchanging hands and punching through the ground with the “L” foot
  • Drive the “R” knee up and toes towards the noes, quickly cycling through each hop.

3. Wall Posting
2-4 Sets x 5-8 per leg

Use this technique for a stronger arm drive and body position!

  • Start in a 2-Point Stance, feet 1 shoe length apart and the dominant leg back; Plant the ball of the back foot and front half of the front foot firmly in the ground.
  • Bend the knees and drop the shoulders equal to or just over the toes, maintain tight core & tight back. (Think Table Top)
  • Punch through the ground off the front foot by extending the leg straight; Drive the knee from the back leg towards the wall, pointing toes to noes. (Squeeze Butt, Tight Core)
  • Launch into the wall with intent! Strong leg drive, strong knee drive.


4. Go Sprint
2-4 Sets x 20-40yd 

Put Your New Technique To Use!